CEO + Founder, Luminate Marketing

“Working with Sonya has not only transformed my business but my way of thinking. Specifically through periods of transition and change, I have a completely new way of seeing these seasons: rather than fear, focusing on possibilities. Through my coaching sessions with Sonya, I believe I’ve grown not only as a leader, but as a person.”


Director of Business Operations

“Sonja provided the guidance and space for our team to spend time unpacking a leadership change. She provided a foundation that was extremely intuitive and adaptable to our needs. I felt heard, respected, encouraged and validated. She is a gifted facilitator and change leader mentor.”


Executive Director, Our Streets Mpls

“Sonya has provided a great deal of perspective and resources in support of my approach to leadership and management. Through listening, proposing new ideas for consideration and reflection, Sonya consistently makes sure I challenge myself to evaluate past decisions and experiences. She encourages me to capitalize on that reflection to embrace my strengths and also look for opportunities to develop new tools to become a more effective leader. Overall, the sessions opened the door for me to take ownership over my leadership style and lean into it so I can lead with confidence.

As a native Puerto Rican, it was also meaningful to work with someone like Sonya, who can bring direct cultural competence and experience to the conversation, and provide additional resources to help me take full advantage of my background and think of it as an attribute to my leadership.

Sonya is a thoughtful coach, with a unique ability to navigate and support emerging and changing priorities, while making sure the entire process is oriented towards growth and success. I would recommend Sonya to anyone who is open to self discovery and looking for a meaningful journey towards a healthy approach to leadership and work life balance. ”


Sonya has been an incredibly insightful sounding board as I have navigated who I want to be as a leader, identifying how to get from where I am to where I want to be, and the changes required to do so! She is a patient and gracious listener who helps you find those ah-ha moments of clarity through the trees. Whether working with you individually or groups—together or apart—she is phenomenal at helping you find health, balance, and peace as you move through change to the best outcome possible.”



“Sonya allows for space to work out ideas that need time to form. She takes a holistic approach to the coaching relationship, helping you identify solutions that work for you and that can transcend personal and work life. I came in thinking I was needing to work on the technical aspects of my principalship, and I found that working on my self care and value-clarification was where I could improve my life quality and, in turn, my leadership ability. I have been able to identify how I want to show up for those I serve and am feeling more confident about it daily.”


Director of Communications, Collegeville Institute

Coaching helped me step into my new leadership role at work with confidence and clarity. Sonya helped me identify and utilize my strengths, establish new productive habits, and structure my time better while working from home. She also provided regular accountability through weekly check-ins, helping me recalibrate when something wasn’t working. She is a compassionate and supportive listener with tons of experience and research-backed insights to help anyone navigate change and transition well.”


Sonya gave me the ability to see challenges in learning as opportunities for growth instead. She helped me realize that a failure on an exam or labels that are given to us when we were young do not define who we are as a person. She’s made me more open to taking on new opportunities. I highly recommend her guidance and expertise!”



“Sonya has a way of fostering trust even in a virtual setting. I was hesitant at first about the prospect of coaching online, but that changed after my first session with her. Sonya is a very welcoming person and her ability to listen for patterns in our conversations and bring these to the forefront has helped me identify and clarify my core values. This has proven invaluable in my leadership formation.

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