Leadership Inside Out

Issue 15

The love that transforms

February 25, 2024

I used to eyeroll when I heard anyone talk about “self-love”. 😒 I thought it was covertly selfish and vain.

“We don’t need an excuse to stoke the ego.” I thought.

​But I was misunderstanding the concept. ​

Self love, when explored with openness, has the power to transform your relationship with yourself, opening the door to a more empowered, authentic way of leading.

💕 Since it is Valentines Day, let’s explore self love in the context of a famous love passage.

REFLECTION TIME: (seriously, take a pause and journal)

Are you patient with yourself?

Love is patient

​Are you kind to yourself? What about when you are tired, do you let yourself sleep?

Love is kind

​Do you criticize yourself for not being as far along or successful as others? Do you let envy steal the joy of your personal progress?

It does not envy.

​Do you feel like you have to defend yourself by boasting? Or do you soak in your own knowledge of your strengths and accomplishments?

It does not boast.

More ways self love supports my leadership.

Self love allows me to embrace my imperfections, dissolving the pride that puts myself above others.

It is not proud

Self love allows me to work with my triggers and minimize my reactionary responses that hurt myself and others.

It is not rude

The binary question of care for myself or care for others falls apart in light of the interconnectedness of human interactions. Caring for my community is a way to care for myself and vice-versa.

It is not self seeking


Do you get angry with yourself or are you forgiving towards yourself?

It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Do you allow time and space to delight in the good in your life?

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

​Do you protect your energy, time, and labor or do you allow others to drain and take advantage of you?

It always protects

​Do you trust yourself and your lived experiences? Your journey is unique and no one has your special magic mix of leading.

It always trusts

​Do you chose to believe your potential is ready to be unleashed?

It always hopes

Never give up on yourself.

Love always perseveres.

Reader, I see the ways you are generous and committed to serving others.

The secret is, being loving towards ourselves allows for more authentic interactions, more compassion, and more genuine confidence.

If you want to put more love out into the world then fill the cup of love for yourself first. 💕

I support my clients with creating nurturing habits and the internal dialog that transforms their leadership and sustains them for the long haul of social change work.

🎙️This week I had the pleasure of returning to the We Are for Good podcast. Take a listen.

Con Amor, Sonya

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