Leadership Inside Out

Issue 17

Diving in and reframing…

March 1, 2024

Avoidance. (We’ve all been there).

You know you should have that feedback conversation, but you aren’t sure how it will go. So you busy yourself with all the other ‘important’ things. An array of thoughts and feelings running through you without your awareness:

  • I don’t want to be mean.
  • I feel like I’m not performing how I would like.
  • How can I hold them accountable without being hypocritical?
  • Everyone is already overworked, but their performance / lack of communication really is a problem.
  • Ugh. Working with humans is complex.

We all have our thoughts, emotions, and previous experiences that color a situation.

These thoughts may or may not be your internal stories. Whatever they are do they support you showing up well?

The amazing, technicolor aspect of using coaching tools is it opens these complicated situations to abundance, to possibility, and generosity.

Seriously. That situation you find yourself avoiding could actually be a doorway to a rich conversation, deeper connection, greater clarity, and more effective operations.

Through coaching I help you completely change the outcome from a big question mark and discomfort to improved performance and better connection.

How?!? By bringing AWARENESS to your thoughts, emotions, and past experiences that are driving what you believe about this moment.

Reframing the situation reinstates your power and autonomy to respond rather than react.

Tips to Reframe a Feedback Conversation:

  • Be curious
    • What do they think of their performance/communication? (if managing up)
    • What do they think the expectation is?
    • What can you do to support them?
  • Be human. Assume the Best.
    • Everyone wants to be seen, known, and given the chance to thrive.
    • We get the best in people if we see their best and believe in everyone’s capacity to grow.
  • Be clear. Hidden expectations are just mean.
    – What and when is the change needed.

How could the one thing you’re avoiding actually be the very best thing for yourself and your team?

This is just one of 100s of different leadership/life challenges that I support my clients with that lead to more ease, joy and effectiveness.

Your situation may sound like:

  • I can’t sleep well or turn off work. Rejuvenation seems to elude me.
  • I struggle to be present for the people I care about.
  • I can’t find my voice in meetings
  • I see so many things that need to be improved and changed but I get overwhelmed

Reader The world needs your brilliance. You don’t have to stay stuck.

Your creativity, passion, desire to make the world a better place is worthy of investing in.

What if you are depriving yourself and others of your magic when you stay stuck and just get by?

What if now is the time to let go of beliefs that do not serve you?

As this weeks music recommendations says, The best is yet to come…

Music Recommendation:

HEAD DOWN by Lost Frequencies & Bastille

I was burning every candle every hour of the night

Kept on searching high and low here in the dark

I was hoping to escape, and make a change here in my life

It only takes one little thing to light a spark.… And you say …

You’re still young, know the best is yet to come.

Don’t hang your head down.

It’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be ok.


Sound waves are a form of energy. Emotion is energy in motion. We feel and move based on the energy in our body. Which is why music is a fast and powerful way to change our mood and shift our energy.

May you find some encouragement from this week’s listening recommendation. ♥️

Con Amor, Sonya

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