Leadership Inside Out

Issue 20

How you feel matters

March 29, 2024

Hi Reader, How are you?

I start my newsletter with this question because how you are feeling matters.

I recently saw a post that asked, “Are you sick of your job or is your job making you sick?”

I thought of the nonprofit professionals that I’ve met at the NTen Nonprofit Technology conference a few weeks ago who resonated with the statement, “We are beyond burnout, we’re crispy”.

Eeek is that you?!

How you FEEL matters. Not only because you are human but as a leader trying to impact the world, how you FEEL impacts how you show up for your team, your work, and your life. Are you feeling…



Lost in your own busy mind?

Disappointed by reality?

Frustrated by road blocks?

You already know these states of being are not optimal for effective leadership, sustainable workflow, or good for your physical health. But what’s the alternative?!?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the day to day demands that are pushing you to the brink?

You are not alone.

Last summer a client came to me saying, “I keep dreaming of running away to the woods. Something HAS TO change”.

As a Director of Development who was trying to be a good boss and a perfect rising leader for a cause she cared about, she found herself poured out, depleted, on the brink of burnout, fantasizing about running away.

By working together she uncovered ways of thinking, unhealthy work habits (which had previously gotten her gold stars), and emotional connection to impossible expectations that were keeping her from her true leadership potential.

As the busy year-end season approached she found herself in a different state of mind, having released old expectations and embodied different ways of approaching her work.

“It’s so amazing. Oddly, I do not feel stressed out!”

Because she did the work of managing her mind, working with her emotions and embodying better thoughts about herself and her work she was able to lead her team more effectively AND enjoy being more present with her family.

She now takes more conscious, guilt-free time in her garden and doesn’t feel like running away from the impactful work and career that she desires.

In the Garden – Hanna Ilczyszyn Painting Acrylic on Canvas

Don’t wait until your body is screaming at you to run away to the woods.

And if it has already been screaming at you for years but you’ve been ignoring it…

Now is the time!

Let yourself experience the joy of saying, “Wow, I used to be so stressed out in these types of moments and now I feel surprisingly good and clear minded.”

Your story of transformation is waiting to be written. And a different, joy-filled way of leadership is waiting to be discovered.

Reflection Questions:

  • What expectations do I hold of myself that keep me in survival mode instead of enjoying the journey of work and life?
  • How can I create space for being and doing things that bring me joy instead of believing that everything is urgent and important?
  • Am I forgetting the value of my health?
  • What is one thing I can do this week to care for myself?

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Be well, Sonya

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