Leadership Inside Out

Issue 24

Finding the energy you need

April 24, 2024

Hi Reader, How are you feeling?

When you care about the work that you do but also feel exhausted you can sometimes find yourself wondering…

Is this “burnout” or is it just the normalized “pour out” of doing social impact work?

Without awareness and holistic practices, the self imposed “pour out” can lead real fast to burnout. 🫗 🔥

Becoming aware of what drains your energy and investing in ways to reframe and refuel is critical to regaining the sustainable energy you need to enjoy your work and life.
As a caring leader, you want to keep an open door policy… but you wonder, “How the heck do I get my work done?”

You want to build meaningful relationship with your stakeholders… but “Who has the time or energy amongst all the to do’s?”

It feels like everything needs your attention… the programs, the donors, the outreach, the systems … oh and should you be utilizing AI to make things easier?!

The open mental tabs are at least triple the open tabs on your internet browser.

Yellow buoy Painting by Marco Acri

Feeling like you have to do ALL THE THINGS, ALL THE TIME is a super energy suck.

I love helping my clients bring awareness to these feelings and beliefs enabling them to become curious about the root causes and then consciously choose more effective thoughts and create more supportive and strategic approaches to the things they truly want to prioritize.

This is the power of coaching, with an outside guide you become master of your thoughts and beliefs that keep or enable you to find the energy you need.

Reflection Questions:

  • How many “tabs” do you have open in your mind?
  • What do you need to close out the most energy draining tab?
  • What do you feel is at risk when you let go of the things you know you don’t really need to carry?
    ​(Pro Tip: There’s a reason, otherwise you wouldn’t be carrying it… Is it security? closure? hope? The familiarity of holding a million tabs open? -> Awareness is the first step in tapping into more clarity and freedom.)

Book Recommendation:

​In My Bones by Lost Frequencies, and David Kushner. ​

How do you engage with music?

Sometimes lyrics speak to me, sometimes it’s just the beat. And sometimes I take a lyric and make it my own to move me in my desired direction.

“Reaching for something in the dark…” 🎶

What are you reaching for that you feel in your bones?

Is it relief from the grind? Is it to be known? Is it a desire to live in your full potential?

If you read this newsletter, I’m know you have a desire to expand, grow, experience the richness and joy of life.

Let me tell you, whatever it is for you, it is possible. Sometimes we just need a good beat and a knowing in our bones to take the action to pursue the life what we seek.

What do you seek in your bones?
​Answering the question is the first step.

UPCOMING: 🎉 CLOSING KEYNOTE for the Responsive Nonprofit Summit

MAY 9th at 1pm CST

I have been invited to close out the three day virtual summit for nonprofit professionals. I am honored to bring encouragement, inspiration and a holistic approach to creating sustainable energy for the good (and sometimes exhausting) work being done in the social impact space.

Con Amor, Sonya​

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