Leadership Inside Out

Issue 29

Imagining something better

May 31, 2024

Hello Reader,

Imagine this, or maybe it’s already your reality…

You are carrying a mental load bigger than an over packed family car for a week-long camping road trip.😵‍💫

Between trying to figure out what is most important and what you can delegate you are responding to an urgent message that only you can answer.

“What did I pick my phone up to do?!” The tasks are endless.

Under the mental problem solving and execution you also carry the emotions of disappointment regarding that last hire that didn’t work out.

You confirm in your mind the feeling of not being supported and your dream of having time to actually take better care of yourself seems to float out the window like a rainbow unicorn.🦄


Now imagine:

You just finished up your morning routine that nourishes you. You have an idea of when and how you will create breaks in your day to give your mind and body the fuel it needs to operate effectively and feel good.

You have processed and worked through what happened with the last hire and although it was disappointing, you feel good about the lessons learned and aren’t scared to look for help again.

Delegating work feels easy because you have developed the communication and expectation setting skills to get what you need, when you need it. You appreciate your team and they feel appreciated by you.

You love answering questions that only you can answer because you were made for this work. It energizes you to be using your experience, passion, and leadership ability to move the mission forward.

Sunshine in My Mind College by Martina Niederhauser-Landtwing

This transformation is possible. It doesn’t happen with will power or a magic pill.

It happens through compassionately working with your brain, emotions, body, and held identity. It’s a bit of learning to listen to your internal music and improvise in a way that creates harmony (which is why I chose this weeks image↑).

I created and continue to refine the C.H.A.N.G.E framework to guide this transformation process. Transition and growth can feel messy and it’s hard to track our own progress in becoming more of who we want to be. But the results are ALWAYS worth it.

More internal peace, less reactivity. More joy, less overthinking.

As mental health month comes to a close, I want to remind you that, YOU are the asset. You are worthy of investment and nourishment. Cause when you Feel Better, you Lead Better.

Reflection Questions:

  • What internal change do you want to create this summer?

Using the summer energy to practice and have fun creating new habits is a great way to equip yourself with the mental resources to support you this fall.

  • “At this time next year, what will you be thankful you spent time on during the next 12 months?” – James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits. Monday Morning Question

Being willing to set an intention and take small steps is so much more powerful than thinking… some day.

Music Recommendation:
JUMP by me n ü

Music is a powerful transmitter of energy and motivation.

Scientifically speaking, “A body in rest stays in rest and a body in motion stays in motion”.

Do you need to JUMP into a different way of leading? Whatever you are wanting/needing in your life, it is possible. Change is possible.

Even though there is a male voice in this track, I was happy to find that the creators are a female (sister) duo.


Con Amor, Sonya​

The imagined scenario above of ease and joy IS available. It’s ok if it feels scary, our brain likes to save energy by telling us that what we know is better and safer than going after something different.

This is the role of the coach… to help you over those barriers and to reach your potential.