Leadership Inside Out

Issue 19

Tell me more…

March 26, 2024

Listening to the Sound of Your Soul – Ivana Dostal Painting Acrylic on wood.

Hi Reader, How are you?

Just three words, “Tell me more”, can create a powerful and meaningful connection.

It’s a go-to coaching questions and an immediate bridge builder for any person trying to expand their understanding and create connection.

When using it you don’t have to agree with your conversation partner. You don’t have to fully understand them or know your response.

You are simply saying, I care to better understand and I care to know you and your perspective.

Rather than take the airtime with my own opinions, judgements, and thoughts I will pass the mic back to you and will give you my listening ears.

We need more people (especially leaders) saying, “Tell me more”.

Reflect: In what areas of your life do you want to use this phrase more?

Let me take my own advice and ask YOU to tell me more.

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  • ​Reflection Questions ✨️ (Got to love the self reflection)​
  • ​Personal Stories💃🏽 (I need to know more about Sonya’s journey)​
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Tell me more… What compels you to stay tuned in to what I’m about?

I’m here to support you.

You don’t have to feel lonely in your leadership journey.

You CAN feel authentic, empowered, joyful in your work and life.

Don’t let society (or those internal stories) tell you that seeking joy while changing the world and being an impactful leader is a lost cause.

In fact, joy and rejuvenation is essential.

This Friday:

I’m thrilled to share my holistic approach to change management at a nonprofit tech conference. (The intersection of change and change 😜).

Interested in bringing these tools and insights on change to your community?

Be well, Sonya

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