Leadership Inside Out

Issue 21

It’s OK t be human

April 3, 2024

Hi Reader, How are you?

At the start of every coaching session I invite my clients to take a moment to return to their body, to let themself feel supported by their breath and let their thoughts float by without judgement.

We take 60 seconds together to just be.

So often we, as humans are actually lost in our head, lost in the chronic tsunami of information and emotions. Disconnected from the present moment.

The information flow and cognitive load we currently carry is A LOT, (more than ever before).

So, I wanted to send you a little reminder to breath.

A reminder that you are human. And that is not a problem.

Your humanness is not a liability.

In fact, it is your unique perspective, your ability to be moved by emotions, the air in your lungs, and the synapsis in your brain that allow you to create, problem solve, provide compassion and connection to the other humans around you that is SO INCREDIBLY special.

You were not meant to be “perfect”, nor are the other humans around you.

The more we allow and accept this reality the more space for joy, ease, and effective leadership.

Human Being – Andy Shaw Painting, Acrylic on Paper

If you’re in my community, I know there is a desire in you to participate in liberation, joy, ease, and positive change in the world.

And yet we continue to live in a society where the strive for perfection, the rigid “shoulds” of doing things “right”, and never feeling like a enough in our humanness often locks us in fear and exhaustion.

We end of up fighting against the very things that makes us special – our humanness.

Don’t wait until your body is screaming at you to run away to the woods.

And if it has already been screaming at you for years but you’ve been ignoring it…

Reflection Questions:

  • Where do I fight against my humanness?
  • How can I celebrate and honor the ways that my body supports me?
  • How much time do I spend worrying about making mistakes, instead of having fun experimenting?

Book Recommendation:

Part of my human experience is being dyslexic. I feared it for years. It was exhausting. This book was the first spark that illuminated the fact that what I feared was actually a gift.

I recommend this book because understanding neurodiversity in yourself and/or others will help you be a great leader, unlocking potential rather than find yourself frustrated.

Tune in This Friday

April 5th at 11am CT

Unfortunately, businesses and organizations like to tell us that we are simply a “resource”. HR departments can make us feel like we are nothing more than what we can produce. (And we believe them).

Which makes the prospect of a job search pretty exhausting.

I’m so excited to chat with Shannon on her Job Search Magic series to share my human centered approach to thriving in a job transition.

PLUS I’ll be announcing a special April offering for those of you in (or considering) a job transition at the live event. Click here get reminders about the Live & details on the offer.

Con Amor, Sonya​

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