The quality of our thinking impacts our ability to be present and soak in the moment.

November 10, 2023

A tree on my street puts on a show of spectacular color this fall.

We know the feeling of being rushed in our thoughts – constantly problem solving, listing the to do’s, and spinning in the energy of “How will I get this done?”

You are not alone if you feel your mind is always on – whirling through what could or should be.

Today, now more than ever, our brain is flooded with information. The open tabs on our internet browser are probably only a fraction of the open tabs in our mind.

Our operating system is feeling it. -> cue: burnout, overwhelm, lack of internal peace.

As a result, when a beautiful sunset hits the sky, a tree burst into fall color or we greet our loved ones there is too little brain space to be fully present.

Cultivating a focused and calm nature within our mind is essential for increasing our ability to enjoy the richness of life AND improve our effectiveness at problem solving.

It’s a researched based way of working better with your brain.

Take time to practice S-L-O-W-I-N-G your mind.

In my leadership coaching we work on increasing your effectiveness at work WHILE also increasing the joy you experience in life.

I invite you to practice noticing the nature of your mind this week.

Whether we are brushing our teeth, driving between errands, or eating lunch, allow yourselves to be fully present. Choose to direct our mind to pause the overthinking and soak in the here and now.

Become aware of your surroundings and breathe.

Reflection Time

  • Do I build time in my day when my brain is not problem solving and whirling?

  • Do I ever notice the quality of my thinking? Is it rushed? Focused? Grateful?

  • How can I take a step to improve the quality of my inner dialog?

You are worthy of peaceful mind. You’ve got this.

Con Amor, Sonya

P.S. The quality of our thoughts is not set. It may feel automatic but habits can be shifted and changed. Book a Discovery Call to find out how coaching can support you in developing more joy and ease through the quality of your thoughts.