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What gratitude does to your brain

November 28, 2023

It’s that time of year. Everyone is telling you to be thankful, at least for a day before the rush to year-end holidays ❄️.

But what if a focus on gratitude was not a yearly celebration and instead an hourly practice.

Modern research shows that “giving thanks in all things” is time tested wisdom for a reason.

Finding the silver lining in a moment of struggle is not being ignorant. It actually refocus your mind in highly useful ways.

As leaders, our job is to be aware of what could go wrong, to problem solve, and to see what can be improved… but without a practice of gratitude and celebration our brain will fatigue. We will burn out.

When working with clients I make sure we take time to celebrate progress made, no matter how small it feels. It is a critical aspect of the transformation process.

Gratitude and the Brain – tltr: More bliss, positive thinking and happiness, and less stress. Image and article from

Reflection Time

  • Do you have a regular gratitude practice?
  • How do you incorporate giving thanks into your leadership?

Facing injustice and seeking to create positive change in the world is not easy, which makes fostering supportive practices that boost your health and effectiveness all the more important.

Curious how working with an expert leadership coach can help you lead more effectively and have more joy and ease in your life?

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